Market Champion

Programme Description

This programme is to assist the local Halal companies to enhance their capabilities and to increase their competitiveness. It is aimed to harness the expertise and know-how through customised intervention or nurturing programmes on best practices of doing business with HDC’s identified Halal Market Champions.

The implementation of this programme will create opportunities and economic of scale of SME suppliers and enable to build relationships with corporate partners. While it is targeted to improve product quality, HDC hopes that the local Halal companies will be able to understand the global standards and certifications and to increase the awareness of production efficiency matters.


Programme Criteria

  1. Registered company as SDN. BHD. under Companies Act 1965
  2. Minimum 3 years in operation.
  3. Product is Halal certified by JAKIM.
  4. Committed to enroll the full cycle of the nurturing program.