Outreach & Initial Screening

Programme Description

This initiative was introduced in 2015 with the aim to establish a sustainable mechanism in providing technical assistance to the industry players in their preparation (i.e. readiness), including submission of application and; managing (i.e. maintaining) the Halal certification. The success rate for halal certification was only 36% mainly due to the following reasons;-

  1. Poor or lack of readiness by companies to comply with the requirements i.e premise facilities; documentation process.
  2. Internal capacity / manpower by JAKIM, JAIN or MAIN to process the halal certification.


Participation Criteria

  1. Registered company under Companies Act 1965 with a valid business license.
  2. Must have PBT license
  3. Product is ready to market.
  4. Operated at a dedicated premise.
  5. Company operated within the certification scheme i.e Food & Beverage; Logistics; Cosmetics & Personal Care; Pharmaceutical.
  6. Minimum 3 years in operation
  7. Company must at least generate sales turnover less than RM300,000 (micro category)